english please!


So… we are a group of dreamers/believers…

We are God, Erikah and David… so far… and we want so many things… it’s hard to know where to start…

Ok: Mexico-  Mexico needs God. God wants Mexico… so we’ve been working with our church since Jan. 2008 in MX City. We met in Dallas TX, while I (David) was attending Christ for the Nations. I did a 2 year program and moved back to MX. Erikah joined me last year, around Nov. while preparing for the wedding and here we’ve been so far.

We’ve seen need… and also… numbness. There is financial and physical need in MX but also a ceirtan numbness to God… I believe because of the fantacy religion portrays God to be… a scary one.

So we are here, wanting to move in the supernatural, to show people what God does, and obviously who He really is.

Erikah is working with some homeless girls as a volunteer and I am working for the church, eventually I pick a job here n there (building webpages or helping out my brother w his design firm).

We’d love to attend the “Supernatural School of Ministry” with Bethel Church in Redding, CA. But also… we’d like to just believe God and start moving in the supernatural already… which we do a bit but we want/need more… That numbness I talked about can only be shaken by Him.

Well… of course, our site is in Spanish, but we do care for our friends and family who love and care for us. So we did this lil secction for you.

Oh… BTW: Conmpasion… it is compassion but in Spanish, “Con Pasión” means “With Passion” because though compassion was what lead Jesus to do amazing miracles, He was not dull about it, He went at it full force, so we want that too. Life sucks when there is routine and dullness. We want passion, we NEED passion… so Compassion With Passion: Conmpasión.


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