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Oh, that we would unite…

Let me begin by acknowledging that there are great things happening around the world with the church of God.

I totally acknowledge God’s hand is moving more and more, and things are picking up in a lot of ways and in a lot of places and with a lot of people but…

There is a certain “nature” within me that every now and then I get a glimpse of, whenever I get to get exposed to His presence. It awakens this absolute hunger and thrust that I actually try to mute, because whenever I let go I just cry and cry and cry and then when I’m all cried out, I sort of get my fix and a few weeks, months later I’m back in that place of void, of hunger.

The feeling is that we are meant (as it’s been said) for so much more and we live with so little… we have normal lives… we seem to be subject to the same issues, the same ailments, the same problems, dilemmas, troubles as anybody else… we worry (or at least I do) about the bills to pay, the wellbeing of my house, how my kids will be, about the normal issues of life while we should be planning out next move in the transformation of this world… we worry about petty things, little things while there are people in desperate need for the manifestation of the children of God.

We are created, and we are able of so much more than what we are doing… globally… I once heard this missionary say that if we all got together in reaching those people groups who have never heard the Gospel, we could be done really quick – I don’t quite remember – a matter of months – but no… we rally around the next conference, the next CD, the next whatever—

We should be planning on how to move on to the next city to be conquered, the next country, the next “realm” of society to be taken up for the King, for the Kingdom – yet we spend thousands recording several versions of THE SAME SONG, over and over… we plan trips to Israel instead of changing an orphan’s life— we pray from afar instead of reaching out… AHHHHH!!!!! it’s so frustrating—

We get sucked into this middle ground between not being too out there, not too coo coo, not too absolute, and being “worldly” – so we go to church, yet our marriages still struggle, we pray yet we need doctors as much as the next guy, we live our happy lives, or at least we try, we get to Earth, we grow, we reproduce and we die – like a plant, like a blip in history – but we are His children! we are His people!! I bet HE expects more of us!!!

I know He does!!! He has called us gods, His children… (don’t pick up the stone yet, read psalm 82) – and some people explain it away with a mistake in translation but that wouldn’t make sense, because Jesus used that same passage to defend himself when being accused of calling himself Son of God.

And there, in psalm 82, it ends with “but you will die like mere men” — mere men!!!! Is there an alternative??? There must be!!!! Could we change something??? Could we do more than what seems possible???? – and I’m not talking about a mega church, or a stadium gathering or a whatever—- I’m taking about WORLD DOMINATION!!!! I’m talking about every knee bowed, every tongue confessing His Kingship… changing governments, corporations – that we would start winning governors for Him, artists, movie executives, law makers, intellectuals, poets, novelists, tv producers, businessmen, scientists… That instead of making cheesy movies that no one watches, we could get the best movie producers and make the next Oscar winner movie, that the next best documentary would be about the Church, that the next #1 song would be ours, that the next billion dollar invention would come out of US – the church!!!

And I want to rise up in arms and fight for this that seems real within me and I feel bound… tied down to “normal” – tied down to needing money, tied down to the fact that I have little to none influence (yet), I feel restrained… and It SUCKS… If only I could organize a mega conference, make a Kony 2012 video of my own, If I could mobilize the church into this movement… but I cant… reality hits… it’s 5am and here I am thinking, hoping the world, the church will change and I’m gonna have to wake up to “reality”, and go back quietly to my corner…

This little blog is my attempt to not let myself down… not to forget I feel how I feel – That us, children of God were made for more. I am made for more than paying bills, going to church and wait it out… wait what out??? Death… I’m talking about people who don’t do much and hope the next life will be better.

And a small glimmer of hope arises… because “united” things have happened lately… united, communities have freed themselves from tyrants and united evils have been stopped, and united we have a louder voice… I only have one voice but I bet you are out there, you, who feels like I do… u know there is more to life than this… we are not mere men, we are children of the Most High God – and we can do something more than comply.

This is the challenge I face – for the church to unite, we need to look beyond our differences. Sometimes we hold closer our doctrine, than we do one another – I think this might be why 2thousand years have gone by and we have not fulfilled our calling, our purpose, but I feel that if we rally around our purpose and we unite against our enemy, we could find a way out of complacency and a way into the greatest move of the church we have ever seen or heard about.

The stage is set for world wide coordination – internet can help us get there – instant communications, instant updates, instant unity!!!

I’d love to see poverty quenched, abuse eradicated, murder bound, injustice exiled – abundance in every household, health for everyone, justice for everyone, help for those in need, opportunities for everyone who needs them, and most of all, a generation of the church who can look up to Him completely sure of the fact that we are not returning to Him void, but that we fulfilled the purpose for which He sent us here…

Can we rally around that? Can we see that He didn’t just forgive us and freed us but that He actually empowered us and that whatever happens and whatever has happened is in our hands to change???

Let’s be more than religious organizations! Let’s be a people!

As long as we are cheering for our own piece of the body of Christ, or as long as we are filled up with “normal” things to do or worry about we are perpetuating what has happened so far and 2thousand years from now we are still going to be just “another” religion, “another way” to see life, “another” source of morality – lets be the children of God!!!

Oh that we would get our heads out of the sand… oh that we would unite, oh that we could reign as He showed us how to reign…20140816-130249-46969044.jpg