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Criminal Minds

…just watched this episode and it made me cry and choke up like I hadn’t in a while… dont know where all the emotions came from, but as of late i feel as if Im way more aware of this.

Im constantly reminded its happening, every day, every minute, whether i care to think about it today or not,a child is being sold, molested,  abused, trafficked.

It nudges me every day, there’s so much more i can do but i dont know where to start, it gets overwhelming at times…and i feel so powerless…

I can’t but get reminded of what God has been speaking to me about, what I blogged about just yesterday….in His presence, that’s where i need to be, I need to “rest” and trust that in that place He will lead me and give me the tools on what to do next….sigh.

Please take some time and read this blog