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Woke up with a song in my head.  We used to sing it back when I was @ CFNI, a loooooong time ago…hadn’t thought about that song in a while and today, it just wouldnt stop playing in my head.  It really reflects on how I feel inside right now….Im hungry for His presence…

…my soul, my Spirit… so desperate and hungry for more of His presence.  The more we talk about it and look for it, the hungrier and desperate I get. I just feel as if I have no clue where to begin, if I should start by listening to some soaking worship,pray or if I should grab my bible and read, i mean those are helpful disciplines no??  =/ ….then again, we keep on hearing REST, just REST….rest?! but there’s  so much to do!! and then again, David and I hear God telling us to rest.  He´s beckoning  us to rest and spend time in His presence….just resting, not asking, not worried about how we can be more efficent here or how we can save the world….just rest.

I dont think I know how to ¨rest¨….I mean, trust me, I know how to sleep in! but yet, there´s times that after sleeping so much i still dont feel rested. I think, think, think even as i try to fall asleep….I think about what to do next, about the next stage. Ministry, the girls -how i can serve them better, babies, how i can be a better wife, how i can lose some weight…always thinking about what needs to be done! I dont think I know how to truly enjoy a season without being preoccupied with what is next…not cool and very tiring.

Last saturday at el bosque de Tlalpan (Tlalpan Forrest),  I was reading a devotional that talks about how its hard to rest in a society that is always on the move.  A society which also teaches us to feel dissatisfied with what we have and strive for more.  It also states that one of God´s grandest invitations is to rest.  

¨Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest¨(Matthew 11.28)

¨In Returning to me and resting in me will you be saved, In quietness and confidence is your strength…¨ (Isaiah 30.15)

God gave me 3 things then…. Focus, Rest, Find.  I really believe He was telling me to Focus on Him, as simple as that.  Its all about Him afterall.  Rest,  Rest in Him, let go of any control on  how i live or do life, or how much effectiveness I bring to our ministry or on what my next step should be and whatnot…just chill and let Him be God, let Him be the one who ¨saves the world¨ and not me on my own strenght… that in that focus and rest I will FIND Him, I will find the rest and satisfaction to my longings, wants and needs and find the tools that I need to be more effective for His Kingdom…

I really long to be with Him, to spend time with Him experience His presence…Im in the path of learning how…setting my mind to relax and not over-stress about time or about ¨not feeling¨anything while Im looking for Him….but simply sit there, knowing He is there, not asking, not expecting, just knowing He is there because He promised He would…