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Pro.Life – a trend or a lifestyle?

Little children, let us not love [merely] in theory or in speech but in deed and in truth (in practice and in sincerity). ~1 John 3.18

This morning as I got ready, I heard a commercial on the radio that got me thinking. A girl was talking about how great it was to find a safe clinic where she could terminate her unwanted pregnancy and not be judged or put in jail for making her choice. The first thought that came to mind was to get the number, followed by the address so that I could maybe go out to that clinic and do my “Christian” duty of trying to talk the women out of killing their unborn children.  Tonight as I watched “You Dont know Jack” – the HBO story of Dr. Jack Kevorkian – with my husband, the thoughts that had been going round and round in my mind on Pro.Life and pro.choice finally came to a stop and it all finally made sense!

Being Pro.Life is much more than simply standing up for something that is “morally” right just because its the “Christian” thing to do…


I really believe the Pro.Life movement has become somewhat of a moralistic or self righteous trend more than a true conviction of heart, or a true understanding of God’s heart for the unborn, unwanted, rejected and orphaned children.

Being Pro. Life should go further than to stand with a sticker on ur lips once a year, but further with actions: adoption, sponsoring, feeding, investing your time, money and life for that person you think had a right to live.

It’s not just about telling the mom to not kill her child or give it up for adoption – it goes further – its about the quality of life this child and person deserves after they’re born! A quality life with love and hope.

Living in Mexico city I see many children in the streets, we often hear about the abuse that happens in children’s homes, orphanages and foster homes. Many of these places are just fronts for human trafficking and for exploitation rings.  I think if all these people, myself included, who stand outside the abortion clinics counseling against it, would truly understand the Father’s heart and how it goes deeper than just preventing murder of the unborn – if we would understand that it goes beyond the womb and into a life of hope, a life where they actually stand a chance – THEN we would have a generation full of the power of God, a generation that truly understands the Spirit of Adoption, the Father’s heart for this world.

As I watched this movie tonight I saw how people rallied against Dr. Kevorkian assisting these suffering people end their lives. There were activists all over the place, judging, telling him he was playing god. But truly how many Pro.Life righteous people do we know that would come with power to heal and end the agony, pain and suffering these people go through? Or even, in a more casual or simple way, how many people invest their money, time, donate blood and help these people through their difficult times?

We as a church are so quick to judge what we think is morally wrong or right. We so often go with what we are told is right, but do we really try to understand God’s heart and how it goes beyond the banners and yelling against what is “wrong”? I believe God’s heart is full of love and hope that continues to give constantly after the decision to LIVE is made.

It’s time we start putting actions to our words. I want to be Pro. Life in a way that continually gives – that I can love and give like God does. That one day I may adopt and love on children that were given the chance to live and now can be given the opportunity to a healthy, happy life, so they can one day grow up to do the same in return and become a powerful generation representing a real Pro.Life movement.

I don’t want to be another “Christian trendster” but a real representative of how Jesus is.  Being Pro.Life should not be a title, a thing to feel good about, or the brownie points to being a good Christian. It should be a lifestyle that continues to give – unconditionally – and that continues to bring forth life, a LIFE that reproduces in others and that continues to give and grow.

If you know someone who doesn’t have any clothes or food, you shouldn’t just say, “I hope all goes well for you. I hope you will be warm and have plenty to eat.” What good is it to say this, unless you do something to help? Faith that doesn’t lead us to do good deeds is all alone and dead! ~James 2.15-17